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Adventure Tourism Guiding & Interpretation Training

May 9, 2019

I was lucky enough to spend a week with lecturers and students from Finland, Iceland and Scotland as part of an ERASMUS project in Fort William. 

The lead of the ADVENT project, Hulda Hauksdottir, has written this lovely reference. 

"ADVENT is a three-year project (2017-2020) where partners from Scotland, Finland and Iceland develop and pilot nine innovative study modules, aimed at adventure tourism practitioners and employees. These nine modules are pilot tested in each of the participating countries, three in each country. Each module, both its content and the way it is delivered is evaluated by participants through online surveys and in-depth interviews.

The project involves developing cross-sectoral cooperation in vocational education and training of individuals already working in tourism, while at the same time adapting existing programs taught in adventure studies schools, increasing their availability to adult practitioners and making it more suitable to professional needs.


Being the project leader of ADVENT, I have the opportunity to take part in the pilot testing of the study modules and therefore I can give this testimonial about Stef Lauer’s work.


Stef developed the module curriculum for “Adventure Tourism Guiding and Interpretation” and its objectives were clear, both knowledge-, skills- and competence goals.

Stef taught the course herself and the way she did that gave a good understanding of the module content. Stef knows her job very well, she knows the theory and the academic part of guiding and interpretation inside out. She has a good way in getting the content of the module through to her students, both in her interesting and informative lecture and not least, her engaging, very well structured and yet relaxed outdoor teaching.


The methodology of ADVENT is based on Andragogy, Self-Directed- and Experiential Learning, Community of Practice and the theory of Learning Society. Stef ticked all these boxes in her teaching. She informed the group in a variety of ways, gave good space for discussions, many hands-on assignments, encouraged participants in sharing their experience and knowledge and she involved people from the local community in the module teaching in an effective way.


Everyone can benefit from the module Stef developed. Anyone that wants to work as a guide and any outdoor activity businesses who want to deliver good quality service.


Speaking for myself as a practicing tour guide, this course was very helpful for my own development in many ways. For example, meeting with participants and having the discussions we had under Stef’s guidance were very beneficial and the construction of the module and Stef’s leading was amazing. Stef helped me to understand the importance of quality service and interpretation better. She also gave me new tools to use with my customers to help them understand the importance of taking better care of our Earth.


Stef is very knowledgeable about Scotland and Scottish history. Listening to her stories from both present and the past was something that gave the whole content of the module more depth. People relate to people no matter how many centuries have passed.

I gained a lot from being Stef’s student and can only wish that a lot of people can enjoy the privilege of becoming her students in the future."

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