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Jessie Mac’s

Aug 4, 2016

Jessie Mac’s is a small luxury hostel / B&B in rural Perthshire and we were looking for ways to continue to assess and exceed our customer’s journey. Stef gathered information about our business and ethos and got to understand what we tried to achieve quickly. The training session was very interactive and provided us with plenty of food for thought. Stef was a facilitator rather than projecting facts & figures at us, which was appreciated by our staff who wouldn’t sit through a sit-down training session. One of Stef’s key strengths is depth and variety of her personal experience of working in hospitality/ tourism.

It was a great opportunity to take time out, take stock and look at how we can improve the quality of our customer service.

Brenda Roddy, owner & manager - www.jessiemacs.co.uk

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