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Summer 2020 update

What's new? 

Dear All,
I hope you are all keeping well and sane. What crazy times we are living in. It only took 3 months+ of lockdown to finally write another post on here. I’m much better writing blogs for other companies, promise.
I just wanted to reacquaint myself here and update some parts of the website, so what’s new:
- I am now delivering 2 day Outdoor First Aid courses as well as a whole range of First Aid at Work courses. The Outdoor First Aid courses are 16 hours long spread across 2 days and tick off most boxes to keep your outdoor qualifications valid. It’s a very practical course with loads of outdoor scenario time.
- Blog writing: For a while I have been writing blogs for some of the other organisations that I work for. I write both in English and German. Mostly upwards of 500 words per blog and providing photos from my portfolio.
Due to the current circumstances, I’m looking for any type of work that I can do from home. So if you need any admin support, proofreading or writing done – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
All the best, Stef

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