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Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers can give you a service unlike no other, but why use it?

Mystery shoppers are, quite simply, those who carry out the services of improving customer service for companies across the world. Acting as a customer, they test the customer service department as some form of auditor. Mystery shoppers carry out tasks at the places of business, on a company’s website or simply over the phone. They measure the qualities in your customer service representatives, offering feedback on the level of customer service that they receive, giving suggestions that raise the bar on customer satisfaction levels.


  • A different perspective! You’ll gain the ability to view your business through the eyes of the customer, learning just what your clients think of you at first impression. This is the only way to gain this perspective, as trying to gain this from someone within your company won’t convey as effectively.
  • An overview of your customer service! What works in your customer service and what doesn’t.
  • Evaluation of what your customer service offers.
  • In what state is your customer service, which area of your customer service should be corrected in your customer experience? This knowledge allows for you to fine tune any deficiencies that exist in your staff training.
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